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Dress for Adventure

Outdoor Apparel
For Your Active Lifestyle

The inspiration behind Capital Clothing USA came from the pure enjoyment of spending time in the great outdoors. Rooted in the simplicity of nature, each piece has been designed to spark adventure and is inspired by the natural landscapes of the beautiful state of California.


Now more than ever, Americans need a way to rediscover their sense of unity and solidarity. Capital Clothing USA was created to celebrate and honor the American spirit through nature-centric clothing and accessories by a passionate nature enthusiast who is dedicated to shining a spotlight on the natural wonders of our home country.

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Our products are inspired by all of the beautiful, wild places that inspire us. The great outdoors is where we find connection to the landscape, inspiration in the mountains, and fulfillment when we are out in nature making memories with loved ones.


Every detail of our designs is intended to unify us by reminding us of the simple things in life - nature, freedom, good friends, and good times. We believe that getting back to our roots is how we create a better, more beautiful future.


We strive to create items that fulfill our simple, primal needs. We follow through on this commitment by taking advantage of the freedom the great American outdoors provides. Most of all, we believe in America and her people. We are determined to keep her unified and strong, while celebrating her incredible diversity of people, places, and cultures. That core mission is at the heart of everything that we do.


Apparel Designed for Outdoorsmen

Whether you enjoy fishing, hiking, hunting, camping, surfing, or skiing, you should have the freedom to enjoy your favorite activities in style and comfort. Your T-shirts should be durable and versatile, easily adapting to the active lifestyle of a nature enthusiast. Capital Clothing USA’s high-quality textiles deliver superior comfort and functionality, ensuring that your clothing never restricts you.

Perfect for water activities, hiking, hunting, backpacking, camping, and more - the apparel at Capital Clothing USA is designed with the adventurous spirit in mind.

Retro Style

While style trends are constantly evolving, some things always remain timeless. These classic, retro-style shirts are a call back to popular 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s styles that have been updated to suit today’s standards of style and comfort.


Each of the T-shirts is sewn together with stories of fun and adventure, with each of them telling their own tale. Capital Clothing USA strives to empower others to embrace their true character and tell their own story.

Men's Road Trip T-Shirt Collection


All of the T-shirt prints at Capital Clothing USA are customizable, meaning that the placement of the designs and logos can be adjusted based on your own personal preference. Simply send an email to the team at Capital Clothing USA, and we’ll be happy to accommodate your request!

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