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About Us


Your one-way ticket to fun and fashion via our clothing and accessories that are crafted with you and your love for the USA, the outdoors, and the active lifestyle!

Who Is Behind Captial Clothing USA?

Capital Clothing USA began as a passion project on the heels of a tumultuous period in America. David Sumich, the founder and sole proprietor, was determined to create something that could help unite our divided country. Wanting to be a part of the solution, he created a list of things that all Americans have in common - a love of our country, and our coast-to-coast abundance of natural resources.



Native to Southern California, David has enjoyed the opportunity to spend time amongst the natural variety his home state provides. From ocean shores to mountain tops, nature provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy connecting with loved ones, enjoying freedom, and inspiring us to lead a more active, healthy lifestyle. The pleasure of being out in nature is something that all Americans can share, no matter our age, race, background, or social status. This understanding is what led David to set out to create and deliver apparel that has the potential to unite us through the power of nature.


David approached his dream by creating unique collections, each containing a specific theme. This approach makes it easy to shop for the designs you love while adding some prestige to the designs in each collection.


He is always creating exciting new designs and collections, as nature is continuously providing him with new inspiration.


Why Choose Capital Clothing USA?

At Capital Clothing USA, David is determined to provide each customer with the highest quality merchandise, and the most efficient shipping options. To accomplish this, he collaborates only with the most skilled and reliable partners. He is proud to work with Printful for all of the printing and shipping needs at Capital Clothing USA. They assist him in creating and shipping each product from the home base in Charlotte, North Carolina to customers across the United States. Printful has a tremendous amount of experience in creating high-quality prints and delivering them safely and efficiently. David is honored to be part of their team.

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